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RIE CEE 2021: Application Form, Eligibility, Syllabus, Results & More


RIE CEE is a 2-hour test comprising 80 questions that are multiple-choice based. Each question has 4 options and only one option amongst 4 is correct. The CUET exam is divided into 3 sections, namely language proficiency in English, teaching aptitude, and reasoning ability.


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The marking scheme of RIE CEE is –


  • For each correct answer, you will be awarded 1 mark.
  • For each incorrect answer, the 0.5 marks will be deducted.


The topics asked in different sections are –


Language Proficiency in English – Comprehension, Rearranging sentences, Selecting suitable words for the blanks, Finding errors in parts of the sentences, Finding same meaning to the given phrases, Sequencing, Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms & phrases, Prepositions, Tenses, and Articles.


Teaching Aptitude – Attitude towards education, Children and teaching profession, Teaching interest, Leadership qualities and group management, Emotional and social adjustment, Intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, and General awareness of contemporary issues pertaining to school education.


Reasoning Ability – Verbal and non-verbal reasoning, Missing numbers, Number series, Letter series, Theme finding, Jumbling, Analogy, Odd one out, arranging statements in a sequential form, Statement and conclusions, Syllogism, Logical problems, and Establishing relationships.


Here are some of the sample papers we have prepared based on the feedback from students. These are totally in accordance with the actual question paper.


Click here for RIE CEE Mock Test Series


Advantages of Solving RIE CEE Sample Papers


In order to strengthen the readiness of the RIE CEE or as part of a last-minute revision, it is mandatory to practice RIE CEE sample papers so that you can recognize important points, weak areas and plan accordingly. It will enhance your pace and accuracy. It will also help you in managing the time efficiently.

  • It is important that students grasp the pattern of the exam and the allocation of marks. Solving RIE CEE sample papers makes you familiar with the exam pattern, the number of questions, and the distribution of marks.
  • Students get to know the kind of questions that will be asked in the exam by solving RIE CEE mock papers. Solving sample papers directs you to learn about the sort of questions for each topic to be answered.
  • The RIE CEE sample papers assist you in time management and improving speed.
  • Solving the RIE CEE mock papers will boost your confidence for the exam.
  • By practicing these RIE CEE sample papers the students identify their weak zones which ultimately helps them in focusing their efforts on that direction.
  • The biggest advantage of solving these RIE CEE sample papers is that it increases your probability of getting desired result.


Click here for RIE CEE Mock Test Series