Ashoka University Entrance Exam & Aptitude Assessment Syllabus 2022


The Ashoka Aptitude Assessment is a slightly different exam from the other aptitude-based exams that are conducted at the UG level. 

Unlike other exams, AAA does not have questions based on bulky calculations and long Reading comprehensions or vocabulary-based questions. 

AAA tests students on logical thinking and critical thinking. 

20 verbal questions are all based on critical reasoning with questions based on:

  • Assumptions
  • Argument Weakening
  • Argument Strengthening
  • Parallel reasoning
  • Finding Flaw
  • Conclusion
  • Inference 


This is completely different from regular aptitude-based exams.

Numerical Ability includes very logical questions, which require minimal calculations. There is no specific syllabus for this, still, students can prepare with usual aptitude-based books to sharpen their logical thinking ability. 

There are few questions based on mechanical reasoning and Spatial Reasoning. 


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