Why is career counselling important?

What is the need of career counselling? or Why should one get career counselling done?

Career counselling is not a fancy term. In fact, it is as important as a vaccine. Like a vaccine is important for a healthy life, career counselling is important for a healthy career.

Gone are the days when the career was decided by neighbours and relatives and/or marks. Also, gone are the days of just three career options, i.e. engineering, medical or CA.

Let us take an example here:

Jay is a brilliant student. He understands way too quickly as compared to his peers. He has keen interest in computers and has learns few programming languages with the help of online resources. He is in 10th standard. His father Mr. Sharma wants him to take science and pursue computer engineering later.

His neighbour, Abhay is not that bright in studies but still scores decent. But because of his fantastic writing skills, he still scores good grades. Following Jay, he tried few lectures on programming but that was not his cup of tea. His father also wants him to pursue science, like Jay, but Abhay is not sure.

This story may be a fiction but still seems too close to reality. So many careers are decided based on what neighbours say or what relatives or friends say. In most cases interest and personality of a student is overlooked to decide his/her career.

Take one more example. Janvi is highly energetic. It is difficult for her to sit at one place for too long. Even while studying, she has to take short brakes. Lectures or seminars where she has to sit at one place for too long are not meant for her. Looking at her good grades in accounts, her parents want her to pursue CA. But, it is anyone’s guess by looking at her personality, that she will have a hard time not only while preparing for the exams but also when she starts working as a CA. May be, she can clear the exam but she may not enjoy the profession.

As the case is which most students and their parents, to accurately gauge his/her interest and personality is difficult. And in this day and age, when the cost of education is rising by leaps and bounds, it makes sense that a more researched/informed decision is taken at the stage of 10th/12th. Secondly, there are so many new age courses available and the fact that engineering, medical and CA are the only safe careers is no more valid.

That leads us to the problem of plenty. How to know, out of so many courses, which course is suitable for a specific student.

This is where Career Counselling comes in. It is a scientific process, where the interest, personality and aptitude of the student is gauged with the help of a scientifically designed psychometric test.

On the basis of the findings of this test, 8-10 most suitable career options are suggested to the student initially. Then the student and parents check these courses in detail and zero in on one or two courses.

If the student is in 10th, finalizing a course that the student should pursue finally will help in deciding the stream. And if he or she is in 12th, then finalizing the course will help in finalizing the colleges and what steps should be taken to get into these colleges.

Our process of career counselling helps a student in finalizing the most suitable course and then choosing relevant colleges based on the financial and geographical constraints.

There are two stages in our career counselling process. First is the psychometric test, which is online and can be taken from anywhere in India. Second stage is one to one session with Rachita Rasiwasia. These sessions can be conducted online as well as face to face if the student and the parents are present in Surat.

About Rachita Rasiwasia: She is an Electronics Engineer and an MBA from IIM Bangalore. She started counselling students out of her passion to help students choose good careers for themselves and has helped more than 10000 students over the years via one-to-one sessions and seminars. She also trains budding career counsellors.

Rachita Rasiwasia offers the best career Counselling in Surat (face to face/online).

Rachita Rasiwasia offers the best career counselling nationally (online).

We have counselled students in over 11 states in India and in Nepal.

Students willing to undergo the process of career counselling, can log in on https://mycareerexpress.com/career-counselling.php or send WhatsApp message on 9586566655.