Top 10 Careers for the Future

Gone are the days of limited career options. Today’s teenagers don’t have to gun for engineering or medical or CA like earlier. That does not mean that these professions are not required anymore. But, the world is changing fast and the problems that this fast-changing world faces, are also changing. That opens many new fields that a 12th grader can explore to make a sound career 5-6 years later.

We enlist 10 such careers/professions which will be in high demand in near future. Also, these careers are subject neutral meaning what subjects you study in 11th-12th will have a negligible role to play.


Computer Technology

This includes fields such as Computer Engineering, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, etc. The world has moved ahead of programming. Data and AI are the future. Or at least the near future. Blockchain is proving to be an important technology for data protection. It also involves protecting financial data and hence professionals who can work on this tech are going to be in high demand.


Finance & Commerce

Fintech is here and it is here to stay. Demonetization and covid gave the fintech companies such as Paytm, google pay, Instamojo, etc the necessary forward push. Policybazaar created its own niche by integrating insurance with technology. Technology that integrates finance and commerce is on the rise and will be so in near future considering a large part of the Indian population is still not using these platforms.



Lawyers have always been in high demand and with increasing connectivity of the world, where it is a task to keep data safe, Intellectual Property Law creates a unique opportunity.


Data Analyst

Data is the oil of the future. Big companies are facing issues worldwide because every country wants to protect its data. All business decisions are driven by data. A good analyst can actually draw magic out of random-looking sheets filled with numbers. Data analysts will be the most sought-after professionals in the not-so-distant future.



If you can solve a problem which masses are facing, you are in business. With the increasing population and dwindling farmlands, what will happen to the food availability is anyone’s guess. Agritech, which can increase the farm produce or can save the existing product from going to waste in transit, will create a huge impact. Hence, this is the field with definite opportunities. Related fields such as environmental/sustainability management also provide equal opportunities in policymaking.



All kinds of counselors; career counselors, psychologists, relationships, financial advisors will be in high demand. The world is full of information and it is tough to sort out the useful pieces. Hence field experts will be needed. Also, the ever-increasing stress levels bring healing or therapy-based counselors in focus.



Again, a field solving the problem faced by the masses. Increasing stress levels, unhealthy food habits, and busy lifestyles have contributed to an unhealthy population. So, those who can solve this problem will definitely be in high demand.



This must be one of few such professions which can never go out of favor. With the advent of ed-tech, the demand for good teachers has only increased.


We will not blame you if you want to pursue many of these careers. But that is not possible. 

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