How to Prepare for Ashoka University Entrance?

Ashoka University Entrance is an online exam conducted multiple times during the year. The whole admission process consists of many steps. It starts with form filling and essay writing. The topics of essays are provided with the online form and are submitted with the form. These essays would be used in the personal interview round later, if that happens.


This is a big if. Because between the form filling and interview, lies a test.


Every applicant has to take this online test. If qualified, s/he will be called for an interview.


Based on how an applicant has performed in the test and in the interview, final result will be announced.


There are 5 different results that the university announces and an applicant gets any one of the following.

  1. Confirmed Offer
  2. Conditional Offer
  3. Waitlist (upon availability)
  4. Deferral of Decision
  5. Denial of admission


Clearly, the test is a major hurdle. And the interview is the next.


So, how to prepare for Ashoka admission process.


How to prepare for the test?


Ashoka Aptitude Assessment is a completely different exam. It is nothing like other aptitude exams like NPAT, IPMAT, SET etc.


The test has 40 questions to be solved in 90 minutes and these questions are primarily divided in two parts. Data Analysis and Critical Reasoning.


Data analysis is highly application based and involves almost 0 calculations. Some questions even ask the procedure of calculation to be used to arrive at the answer and not the final answer.


Critical Reasoning requires a student to have supreme reading and top-notch comprehension skills.


Each and every word is important to understand the wholesome meaning of the paragraph. Few questions, such as parallel reasoning or finding flaw, even require you to think beyond what is there in the paragraph.


Given the unique nature of the exam, it is strongly recommended that thorough practice is done before the test.


Why Career Express


We at Carer Express have been training students for Ashoka. Here is our 2021 result. And this is our 2023 round 1 result. 


We have dedicated material for this exam. We have class sheets that address each and every question type asked in Ashoka Aptitude Assessment. Solving these worksheets is a must to get a thorough understanding of the exam.


If our classroom study material gets you excited, our Ashoka Test Series will make you thrilled.


We have created, Ashoka sample papers, which are exactly on the pattern of the actual Ashoka Entrance exam. These Ashoka sample papers are a must for all serious participants. You can check our Test Series here and here


In addition to this, the guidance of our faculty team, who have already sent many students to Ashoka and many other top universities in India, is an added advantage of joining our program.


The Essay


Not only for the Ashoka entrance test, but you are also guided aptly on the essays.


A student is asked to write essays at 2 different stages during the entire application process. One is with the form filling and the second at the end of the Ashoka Aptitude Assessment. Essay writing is part of the test. And it takes a lot of practice to be able to write (type) proper essays in a limited time during the exam.


After the exam and the essay, comes the last stage of the Ashoka Entrance Process. That is ...


The Interview


You, as an applicant, must take the interview seriously, because they take it very seriously.


Their aim of the interview is to gauge your passion about the subject you have applied to. Also, they want to check how keen are you at learning on your own. They take a long enough interview that enables them to form concrete opinions about your personality.


Although the interview is a test of your personality that can not be trained or altered, still there are a few areas that can be improved. Such that, how to give your introduction, how to pull your interview towards the topics that are your strength and how to handle the subject-related questions.


We at Career Express guide you for these interviews and give you ample practice. There have been instances when the students come back from the interviews and say that the interview went on similar lines as the mock interview.


So, in a nutshell, if the question is How to Prepare for Ashoka Entrance, the answer is Career Express.


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