Christ University Entrance Test (CUET) Mock Tests and Practice Papers

At Career express, we offer two preparation packages to meet the needs of students in different stages of their Christ University Entrance Test Preparation.


The first package is for students who are adequately already prepared and want to practice giving the final paper. You could opt for our CUET Mock Test Series. This includes

  • 7 Mock Papers on the Pattern of CUET BBA 
  • 3 of these papers are redesigned on the pattern of CUET CEP
  • The same tests are also redesigned for CUET BCA and CUET B. Com
  • All papers are followed by detailed solutions for each question
  • You will get Time Analytics of your attempt for the paper
  • You will also get a comparison with the topper of the test


All this is available for just ₹ 1800.



The second package is for students who want to practice giving the final paper as well as improve individual topics and sections. This package includes

  • 7 full-length CUET BBA test papers
  • 3 papers modified to CEP, EMS and JEP papers
  • More than 200 topic-wise tests on 70 different topics of Quantitative Aptitude (QA), Verbal Ability (VA), Logical Reasoning (LR), General Knowledge (GK) and Current Affairs
  • You can also practice over 40 Sectional tests on QA, VA, LR and GK.
  • The solution to each question is provided for all the papers
  • You will also get time analytics and comparison with the topper of the test


We recommend students to go for this package as you can improve and prepare basis individual sections and your weaker topics. The second package is moderately priced at just ₹ 2000.




FAQs Regarding CUET Test Package


Q1. Are the CUET Mock Tests accessible at any place?


Ans. Yes, you can access our CUET Mock Tests from any place with the help of the internet. You can access it from mobile as well as desktop. Apps are available on both Android and iOS platforms.


Q2. What are the system requirements for taking the CUET Mock Tests?


Ans. The recommended system requirements for taking the CUET Mock Tests are Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Safari, and a minimum of 256 kbps data/internet connection over Wi-Fi or LAN.


Q3. How can I attempt CUET Mock Test Series?


Ans. By following the below-listed steps, you can attempt the test

  1. Login to website
  2. Click on your test series module
  3. In the drop-down, select your exam or type the name of your exam in the search bar.
  4. Start your Attempt.


Q4. Can I take up CUET Test Series more than 1 time?


Ans. A test can be attempted only once. But the questions can be accessed any number of times in the solutions section.


Q5. Do I receive any reports after the CUET Mock Test is completed?


Ans. Yes, there is a detailed analysis report offered to each candidate to know their errors and improvise on them. You also get a topper comparison on your attempts. Moreover, solutions are provided with all questions which will help in mending the weak areas.


Q6. I want some more preparation material before I start attempting my full-length CUET mock papers. Is such material available in this package?


Ans. Yes, there is a lot of practice material in addition to full-length tests. We have created topic-wise tests on all relevant topics of QA, VA, LR and GK sections. Once you are done with all the topics of one subject (section), you can move on to attempting section tests. Section tests are tests based on one subject (section). For example, there are 10 tests based on QA. These tests will have mixed questions from various topics.


Q7. How is CUET Test Series beneficial?


Ans. There are many advantages of attempting CUET Mock Test Series, that are:

  • You can analyse your preparation levels
  • Be thorough with the exam pattern and syllabus
  • Improve time management
  • Experience the real-time exam environment
  • Compare your preparation level against that of others.


Q8. Does Christ University have a different paper pattern for different courses?


Ans. Yes, CUET has different test patterns for different courses. On our portal we have 6 tests on CUET BBA pattern. Out of these, 3 tests have been modified into the pattern of CEP, BCA and B.Com courses.