Where to find Shiv Nadar University Aptitude Test SNUSAT APT previous year papers?

The answer to your question 'where can I find SNUSAT APT previous year papers' is here.


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Shiv Nadar University has become the primary choice of applicants seeking admission after finishing 12th Board exams. The tag of 'Institute of Eminence' has only added to its desirability quotient. And hence the competition of taking admission into the Noida-based university has also gone up. The admission process primarily involves an Aptitude Test called SNUSAT APT followed by specific exams for specific courses. Basically, to get that seat at any UG-level course offered by the university, one must clear SNUSAT APT.


To prepare for any exam, the previous year papers are the most reliable source. They give exact information about the syllabus, difficulty level, exam duration, strengths and weaknesses of the participant. No doubt that in boards, the students who solve a sufficient number of the previous year's papers have an upper hand over those who don’t.


Shiv Nadar University, SNU has been gaining momentum day by day. Institute of eminence status has only added to its long list of achievements. Understandably, admission to the university is getting tougher as each year a greater number of students are appearing for its entrance exam, called SNUSAT. And with that is increasing the demand for the SNUSAT previous year papers.


University clearly declares that the exam is based on basic understanding and tests the general intelligence of the candidate. Expert career counsellor, Rachita Rasiwasia, who has been preparing students for the SNUSAT for the last 6 years now, has done an extensive survey. She has surveyed each and every student from her class who has appeared for the SNUSAT. On the basis of inputs obtained from them, a series of 5 mock SNUSAT model papers has been designed by the team at Career Express.


SNUSAT sample papers have been prepared; keeping the welfare of students in mind.


Exam Structure




Verbal Reasoning

30 minutes

Quantitative Ability

36 minutes

Abstract Reasoning

40 minutes


15 minutes


With as many questions as the time in minutes in each section. The SNUSAT is a sectionally timed test that is, the candidate cannot shuffle across sections. If the Verbal section is on, the candidate can go to any of the 30 questions in the verbal section but cannot move to the next section before the completion of the 30 minutes assigned to the verbal section. After the completion of 30 minutes verbal section, the next section will begin and now the candidate can not go back to the verbal section. So, if a student is looking for SNU sample papers, he or she should ask for this feature as well. As this is an important factor when it comes to time management during actual SNUSAT.


What is unique about SNUSAT


Apart from normal aptitude questions, that are available all over the internet, SNUSAT consists of questions on is A >/=/< B; and Always, Sometimes, Never True type questions in the Quantitative Aptitude Section.


The logical reasoning section at SNUSAT also presents a unique variety. You will find questions based on gears and pulleys and a unique type of visual reasoning called spatial reasoning.


It takes a lot of preparation if an applicant wants to ace an exam like SNUSAT as the competition is increasing day by day.


So, our experts have undergone exhaustive research to prepare these unique varieties of questions and incorporated them in SNU sample papers, so that an applicant gets to prepare for SNUSAT in the most efficient way.


It is suggested that any serious applicant must write at least 3 SNU mock papers before turning up for the actual SNUSAT.


Click here to get SNUSAT sample papers

Click here to get SNUSAT and APT sample papers

Click here to get SNUSAT and APT Maths + Physics sample papers

The SNUSAT sample papers are provided as the live test which you can write just like an actual SNUSAT. All sections will have individual timing and all solution to each question will appear once the test is submitted.


All tests can be attempted on a computer or on a mobile.




Advantages of Solving SNUSAT Sample Papers


The following are the advantages of solving SNUSAT model papers:

  • With the regular practice of SNUSAT sample Papers on a regular basis, candidates can improve their speed, efficiency and time management skills and analyze their weak areas.
  • By attempting SNUSAT sample Papers candidates will be able to realize their weak areas so that they can work upon them.
  • The SNUSAT mock Papers will allow candidates to have an estimate of the difficulty level of questions in the actual entrance exam.
  • The SNUSAT sample Papers will also teach better time management to the applicant as all three sections have separate timing.
  • The SNUSAT model papers will also give a complete picture of the exam pattern and the marking scheme in the entrance examination.
  • Through the SNU sample papers, candidates can analyze their overall level of preparation for the entrance examination.


 Click here to get SNUSAT sample papers 

Click here to get SNUSAT and APT sample papers

Click here to get SNUSAT and APT Maths + Physics sample papers