NPAT sample papers

NMIMS in Mumbai offers a plethora of courses. It has also come up with its campuses in various cities across India. The admission to these courses happens through an exam called NPAT. As the brand NMIMS keeps growing every year so does the number of applicants to its various programs. And hence there is an ever-growing demand of NPAT sample papers or NPAT mock papers. Because the admission is getting tougher due to increased number of competitors per seat, students want to have an edge over their peers. NPAT sample papers and NPAT mock papers is an excellent idea to get that edge.

But NPAT sample papers are not easily available on the internet. Few, which are available, come with added extra papers which may not be of use to many NPAT aspirants.

For those who have just one goal to get into NMIMS for their graduation, we have come up with a package of NPAT sample papers. The papers have been designed on the lines of latest available data on NPAT – 2019 exam. And along with the full length NPAT sample papers, an applicant will also get a number of topic wise tests from all sections and section tests. The topic wise tests and section tests have been offered free to enable a student prepare by oneself.

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By clicking on the above link, you will open a page which shows the price of the NPAT sample papers package. By clicking on ‘Buy’, you will open the list of names of all the topic wise tests, sectional tests and full length NPAT sample papers. The list keeps on getting updated as we keep on adding more tests from time to time. By clicking on make payment, you can make payment through any of the online methods available.


According to expert career counsellor, Rachita Rasiwasia, it is always a good idea to solve some sample papers before attempting the actual exam. It is like the net practice before the actual match. According to her:

  1. Writing NPAT sample papers will give an aspirant a very fair idea of the difficulty level of the actual exam.
  2. Apart from the difficulty level, by attempting few NPAT sample papers, a student will get an idea about the exam pattern, topics included and sections involved in the NPAT. That will help the student prepare well for the actual NPAT.
  3. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Writing NPAT sample papers will give an applicant a very fair idea about the strong and weak areas. Identifying which, the student can work on those weak areas through the topic wise test provided with the NPAT sample papers package.
  4. We all have different reading and processing speed. Writing NPAT sample papers will give a very fair idea about the speed as the speed is a very important factor in all the entrance exams. By attempting these sample papers, a student can fine tune the speed at which to approach the actual NPAT.
  5. All these entrance exams are based on relative performance. By writing NPAT sample papers, which others are also writing, a student can get a fair assessment of the self-preparation vis-à-vis others. That will help the student to determine how much more efforts a student needs to put in to excel at the actual NPAT.


In a nutshell, writing an NPAT sample paper is highly advisable to a student, who is serious about securing an admission into NMIMS.


To get NPAT mock papers, click here