Flame University: Admission Process and How to Crack it!

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Liberal Arts and Flame University

Over the past 2-3 years, Flame University in Pune has gained a lot of traction. In fact, the liberal arts curriculum as a whole is getting a lot of attention from students and parents alike.

Liberal arts is a concept that has been quite popular in western countries at the undergraduate level. It is now gaining ground in India too. The idea is to expose students to as many unique fields of study as possible so that they can find their best fit and then go on for a specialization in that subject during their masters.

So, the institute that offers courses based on liberal arts pattern has to offer subjects in Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, History, Literature, Economics, Music, Management, Finance etc. Although not all subjects are offered in all colleges but still the variety of subjects is vast as compared to specialization-based institutes.

To teach such a vast variety of subjects and to maintain a high level of teaching quality, institutes have to acquire and retain top-notch professors in all these fields. The educational qualification of these teachers is of top importance while taking admission into a liberal arts university.

Flame university getting all the traction is primarily because of this reason.


Flame University Admission Process

That said, getting admission into Flame University is also getting tougher year by year as more and more applicants are applying to this.

There are three stages in the flame admission process. And the entire process is run 4 to 5 times during a calendar year starting from December to as late as May.

The first step of the process is form filling which involves, in addition to the basic personal details of the applicant, 3 to 4 questions that have to be answered on personal experience. These questions are designed in such a way that a convincing answer will give a proper idea about the thought process and personality of the applicant. These are also called SOP (Statement of Purpose).

The second stage is the entrance exam called FEAT. It is an aptitude-based exam with all MCQ questions from QA (Quantitative Aptitude), VA (Verbal Ability), LR (Logical Reasoning), and GA (General Awareness). It is an important hurdle to cross on the road to Flame University. This exam checks whether the student has the mental capacity to handle the rigors of the university curriculum.

If a student clears the entrance test, then they are called for an interview (or Video interview, depending upon the Covid Situation).

Only after clearing the interview stage, the student is made an offer to take admission to Flame University.

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We also prepare students for the interview (Video Interview) by conducting mock interviews. Proper feedback is given on each point of concern and the student is made to feel confident before appearing for the actual interview.

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