Where to find Ashoka (AAA – Ashoka Aptitude Assessment) previous year papers and mock papers?

Click to get Ashoka University Sample papers package (5 Papers)

Click to get Ashoka University Sample papers package (8 Papers)

Are you also facing the same problem: How to prepare for the Ashoka University exam? or Where to find Ashoka University's previous year papers? or Where to find Ashoka University Sample Papers. 

Not many universities are able to make a name in such a short duration as Ashoka has done for itself. The university provides an education that is comparable to the world’s best universities and employs professors who are cherry-picked from various parts of the globe. No wonder, taking admission in Ashoka has become a dream of many students.


Many students who think of appearing for Ashoka University Entrance exam called AAA (Ashoka Aptitude Assessment) face a unique problem. How to prepare for the exam? or Where to find Ashoka University's previous year papers.


The best way to prepare for any kind of exam is to practice the previous year papers, as many do for board papers. But, unfortunately, Ashoka university does not publish its previous year papers. They want their applicants to be as unprepared as possible as their exam is primarily based on clarity of thought. They want students who can think clearly and critically and not the ones who have practiced more. So, they make sure that not much information is available about the papers.


But, it will still be good if students could lay their hands on a few papers to just get an idea of what will come in the exam. Expert career counselor, Rachita Rasiwasia, who has been preparing students for the Ashoka, has done an extensive survey. She has surveyed each and every student from her class who has appeared for the Ashoka entrance AAA. Based on that survey, our team at Career Express has come up with a series of 5 mock Ashoka model papers.


What is unique about Ashoka Papers


What is unique about Ashoka AAA papers? Well, the short answer is, everything.

These papers are nothing like other aptitude-based entrance exams. Ashoka AAA paper consists of the high level of critical reasoning, which is scarcely present in other exams such as IPMAT Indore, Rohtak and NPAT.

Critical reasoning makes 50 % of the paper in Ashoka AAA. The critical reasoning in Ashoka AAA papers consists of 7 different types of questions. Apart from these, Ashoka's previous year papers have also been reported of having Spatial Reasoning and Visual Reasoning questions. These questions call for a significant visualization skill on the part of the applicant.

This makes Ashoka AAA papers a bit difficult to crack as most of the students are trained to solve certain kinds of questions.

Hence, it is advisable to solve some Ashoka Sample papers before attempting the actual paper.


Paper Pattern

Ashoka AAA papers have 40 questions to be answered in 90 minutes. Of these, 20 are critical reasoning questions and the remaining 20 are questions based on logical reasoning, spatial reasoning, and analytical ability.

Our Ashoka Sample papers are designed on the same lines. 

Additionally, you get the solutions to each and every question with our Ashoka Sample Papers. All Ashoka Sample Papers adhere to the timing of the actual Ashoka AAA exam and offer optimum practice to the students. 

Also, in order to give students ample practice, we have created 5 Ashoka sample papers. Solving these papers will give the students the confidence they require before appearing for the Ashoka AAA exam. 




Click to get Ashoka University Sample papers package (5 Papers)

Click to get Ashoka University Sample papers package (8 Papers)



Solving Ashoka sample papers will help you determine the level of your preparation for the exam. Also solving Ashoka mock papers will help improve your speed and accuracy which will help you on the examination day. In addition to that, solving Ashoka AAA sample papers will help you in developing your own shortcuts and tricks required to solve the questions fast and efficiently.