Admission Process for Liberal Arts Universities

Liberal Arts as a course of choice in an undergraduate college is gaining much traction these days. The number of Liberal Arts inquiries we get is increasing every year. In 2019, none of the students who prepared with us for college entrances, prepared for FLAME or Ashoka. Although, there were few who prepared for PDEU (then PDPU). In 2021, we had 3 students each preparing for Ashoka and FLAME. In 2022, the number has been than doubled. Along with FLAME, Ashoka and PDEU; Krea University and Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts (SSLA) also received applications from our students (2022). Our students have also cleared the entrance process of NMIMS Liberal Arts. 


In the past 4-5 years, multiple universities have come up that offer courses in liberal arts format. Students who wish to study psychology, economics, history, geography, physics, chemistry, public admin and design in a single 3-year program can join these courses. These institutes offer much more liberty to choose courses from varied fields. 


The admission process of a liberal arts college also differs a lot from a traditional college admission process. Most traditional colleges take an aptitude-based entrance exam. Some select their students only on the basis of entrance exam scores, while others also conduct interviews after the entrance exam. The Liberal Arts entrance process, on the other hand, shows a lot of variation. For example, PDEU asks its applicants for a creative essay and Statement of Purpose (SoP). Ashoka asks for SoP during form filling, an entrance exam, completely different from the usual aptitude-based exams, followed by an essay, followed by an interview. FLAME also has a similar process. An entrance exam, SoP and interview. 


Career Express has been delivering consistent results when it comes to admissions into Liberal Arts colleges. In 2022 itself, we have 7 students selected for FLAME, 1 for Krea and 14 for PDEU. In 2021 also, 3 students were selected for FLAME and 2 for Ashoka. Meanwhile, we have been sending students to PDEU every year starting from 2015, when we started Career Express. 


Any student looking to secure admission into Liberal Arts must consider getting in touch with us at 9726966655 through call or whatsapp.